Professional Development is a Big Deal. I’ve been having trouble keeping up with all the neat stuff I want to learn about, so I’ve made this little board to track what I’m learning. I’m not sure how it’ll handle archiving tasks that are Done, but I’m pretty comfortable kicking that can down the road at the moment.


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Each item has a name (with an optional hyperlink to source material), a description (briefly, provided by me), and some stuff I’ve created based on whatever I’ve learned (as bulleted items).

To Do Doing Done
Wanted to make a couple of PCBs but couldn't find a decent free tool to generate the Gerber files. Jon Fuller pointed me here. Thanks, Jon!
Book Club; discussions on servant leadership and how the lessons in the book apply to former and current teams.
How do you get Test Engineers to integrate more tightly with the team? Breaking down the silos between dev and test.
Recommended to me to help handle tough discussions between team members.
A .NET alternative to Ruby Rakefiles, we're using Psake on a project and it needs to be less demystified.
What happens when Engineers get tired of walking? Over-engineering, that's what.
I wanted to get a grasp on what sort of problems Erlang was good at addressing, so I picked up a copy of this book.
Started working on a web-based project, realized I haven't looked into this area in a couple of years. Some interesting stuff has happened recently!
REST Endpoint Mocker
Using Selenium in C#, there seems to be no simple way to mock out AJAX calls to REST services. Is there a decent way to mock endpoints?
Entity Framework is playing a big role on my current project. I've used other ORMs, but this one seems... special. READING!
Simple command-line utility that connects to a TFS instance and creates a manual build that points to a specified drop point on a network share. For use with MTM integration.
A simple Ruby project that can be added to Jenkins as a Job to monitor a group of Jenkins Jobs and notify a Philips Hue bulb to update state based on failures.
I needed a way to proxy credentials in a testing context so the team could use PhantomJS.
Recommended to help focus mentoring efforts and understand the motivation of various team members.
Having finally caved and bought an Arduino, I wanted to see what it would take to create a testable environment.
Are you destroying someone's intrensic motivation by offering rewards for behavior? Probably. Also, you're screwing up your children.
Find out everything you wanted to know you could do to test software if you were a multi-billion dollar product company.
IUPUI holds an annual Computer Science Day, where students from local highschools are invited to participate. I was on a panel to discuss CS careers.